SMS Marketing

Business owners keep finding ways to reach for customers in all nooks and crannies. Apart from print media and internet, another growing method for customer communication is Marketing through text messages. This method comprises of sending SMS or text messages to mobile phone users for the purpose of marketing. The progress that companies have made using this technique, is undeniable. Knowing the fact that around 90% of population is expected to own a cellular phone by 2020, this technique in marketing is gaining momentum.
Text messaging is the most efficient, fastest and effective method for gaining customer’s attention and response. Out of all the other marketing tactics, it is the fastest way for communicating with your customers and getting immediate responses and orders from them. The procedure involves taking into account the consent of customers to whom text messages are sent and then sending them messages using brand name and an option to unsubscribe at any time they want. Mediamind is your best option for SMS Marketing services in Pakistan. It is a one-stop solution for your local marketing needs with a promise to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

Why choose us?

Mediamind is the leading SMS marketing Service provider in Pakistan to cater all your local marketing needs. We assure you fast message delivery at vey low rates with unique and creative message content for getting maximum responses from your potential customers. Following are few additional benefits that Mediamind has to offer:
  • An expert marketing team to analyze your business cycle in order to serve you better
  • Study of your product’s or service’s market to formulate effective and smart marketing strategies
  • Fastest message delivery with delivery receipts
  • Professional and creative content writers for text messages
  • Benefit of language diversity. With our experts in different languages, we offer you our service in the language of your preference and the recipient’s preferable language.
  • The SMS are customized with respect to your campaign goals and objectives
  • Best Bulk-SMS packages at lower rates with maximum customer response
    If you are a growth-oriented business with an aim to market smartly, partnering up with us will be the first step towards your goals!