Google Analytic

Google analytics, one of the best services from the list of extraordinary services that google has to offer, is meant for tracking and providing statistics about the traffic on websites. Introduced in the year 2005, this feature allows users to utilize google in a number of ways to closely observe and revolutionize their e-commerce businesses or online presence. It provides a dashboard to users showing the geographical position of visitors, their duration of stay on the website and can provide visitor segmentation. It also offers tracking of e-commerce reports showing sales activities, revenues generated from sales and other relevant metrics related to sales and business. Another feature which helps users of this service is to have an insight into real-time analytics when the visitor is currently on the website. All these features contribute towards developing successful marketing strategies and their implementations for growth of e-commerce businesses.

How it works?

It requires a great deal of understanding about Google’s working methodology to know how this service actually works. The basic principle of this feature works in three steps:
  • Working of JavaScript Code
  • Data collection service
  • Processing visit data

Working of JavaScript Code

The arrival of a visitor on a certain web page, generates a track code. The tracking code is useful for extracting visitor’s information related to his browser, operating system, computer settings etc. After collection of this information, cookies are generated for each visitor which make use of this raw data and determine useful conclusions including that whether it is a new or a returning visitor.

Data Collection Service

The information that is collected in form of cookies is then sent to GA servers for maintaining records of the visitors that have arrived on web page. This data is processed after every few hours but its frequency may change according to Google’s latest algorithms.

Processing visit data

The last step involves making this visit data available to the GA user. The data is sent in understandable format as a comprehensive summary of the visitors. GA service can be availed by e commerce business men in two ways, either in the version Google Analytics 360 or as Google Analytics for mobile apps. Both of the versions work on the same three-step basic principle with customized changings to cater the need of both kind of users. While providing the biggest benefit in the form of visitor’s cookies and analytics, GA assists greatly in analyzing which campaigns reaped the most benefits from visitors, which geographical location is more beneficial for the company in terms of customers or online visitors and determining which products/services are most appealing for the visitors through their clicking history.