Email Marketing

Email has been the official medium for business communication to date. Mediamind provides you the best Email Marketing Services in Pakistan. We let you communicate with your targeted customers at very affordable rates. We assure unique, creative and customer-oriented content for maximum customer engagement and response

How it Works?

If you are in need of an expert marketing team to take care of your emailing needs, look no further!

We have an expert and experienced team of professionals, ready to serve you smartly at very affordable rates. Our professionals get in touch with you to learn about your business mechanism and objectives. We formulate smart marketing solutions to run your marketing campaign by designing customized strategies that suit your business best. Since bulk emailing often results in going to spam, we believe in sending emails to targeted customers for getting maximum positive response instead of negative publicity. As part of our working methodology, customers are selected for filtering and sending emails. Our creative and objective-oriented content writers come up with the most interesting and unique content to get 100% attention of the email recipient. The emails are then sent to all your potential customers or subscribers and within a short span of time, your business observes increased growth rate with our best Email Marketing Services.

This is a hassle-free, proven and successful methodology to get in touch with your customers, first-hand. It lets you reach other big and small businesses and organizations in local and international market. It has proven to be very cost-effective, professional and smart method of marketing over time. Email Marketing with Mediamind lets you customize your package based on the following constraints:

  • Daily limit of emails, starting from 5000 emails per day to unlimited number of emails
  • Dedicated IP for your brand
  • Content limit and review for your approval
  • Bounce processing to determine the reason for returning emails
  • Bounce management for troubleshooting such problems
  • Emailing by your company/business’s name for the purpose of branding
  • Analyzing Email statistics
  • Record maintenance and reporting